A Strong Start to reading™ is all about what happens when adults spend quality time with children on specially selected games and activities to promote literacy development. This quality time is made possible because the community actively supports what the adults and children are doing. Our unique program delivery models are designed to ensure that children experience the joy of success in learning and adults feel the satisfaction of knowing that they are making a difference in the life of that child. When this happens everywhere, we can maintain a strong community with good economic growth and an excellent quality of life for everyone.

The strength and success of Strong Start® Charitable Organization is in the creation of an infrastructure that provides solid support to the implementation of Strong Start’s programs. Our goals are to make it very easy for organizations to use the programs and very easy and rewarding for volunteers, parents and staff to work with the children in delivering a program. Programs are developed and researched in Waterloo Region. Once proven successful in both participants’ skill development and service delivery model, programs are offered to other areas of the province.

The Letters, Sounds and Words  program is used in several other areas of the province in addition to Waterloo Region. The Get Ready for School program is being offered in numerous, strategic locations in Waterloo Region (e.g. community centres). Baby Connections®  is a free community program that helps families develop literacy and language skills with their babies and provides each family with a take-home kit of resources and is delivered in several areas beyond Waterloo Region. The Provincial Office manages the research and development of new programs and the expansion of established programs to other jurisdictions. Individual offices are established in new jurisdictions to facilitate that community’s ability to operate independently under a licensing agreement and with ongoing support from the Provincial Office.