The application for our 2024 Get Ready for School program will launch on Wednesday, November 1, 2023 at 10 AM.  You will be able to access the page with the application link by clicking here.

Only children born in 2020 who live in Waterloo Region (includes Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo and surrounding townships: Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich) will be eligible to attend our upcoming 2024 program.

  • T/TH programs = classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • M/W/F programs = classes on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Please scroll down to see our 2024 program sites & class days. To view program start- and end-dates as well as class times, please click on the program site.

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To get started, pleases select from the list below to view participating sites.

Activa Sportsplex - T/TH afternoons- FULLKitchener519-743-9578 ext 114
Bridgeport Community Centre - M/W/F mornings- FULLKitchener519-741-2271
Centreville-Chicopee Community Centre - M/W/F mornings- FULLKitchener519-741-2490
Chandler Mowat Community Centre - M/W/F mornings- FULLKitchener519-741-2733
Country Hills Community Centre - M/W/F afternoons- FULLKitchener519-741-2596
Downtown Community Centre - T/TH mornings- FULLKitchener519-741-2501
Forest Heights Community Centre - T/TH afternoons- FULLKitchener519-741-2621
Forest Heights Community Centre - T/TH mornings- FULLKitchener519-741-2621
Grand View P.S. - M/W/F afternoons- FULLCambridge519-653-3611
Huron Community Centre - M/W/F afternoons- FULLKitchener519-741-2478
Kinbridge Community Centre - T/TH mornings- FULLCambridge519-624-3855
Kingsdale Community Centre - M/W/F mornings- FULLKitchener519-741-2540
Langs - T/TH afternoons- FULLCambridge519-743-9578 ext 114
Linwood Community Centre - T/TH morningsLinwood519-743-9578 ext 114
St. Basil's C.E.S., Owen Sound - T/TH mornings- FULLOwen Sound519-376-9370
Stanley Park Community Centre - M/W/F afternoons- FULLKitchener519-741-2504
Victoria Hills Community Centre - M/W/F afternoons- FULLKitchener519-741-2717
Victoria Hills Community Centre - T/TH afternoons- FULLKitchener519-741-2717
Waterloo Public Library, McCormick Branch - T/TH mornings- FULLWaterloo519-886-1310 ext. 213
Williamsburg Community Centre - M/W/F afternoons- FULLKitchener519-741-2240
Wilmot Family Resource Centre - T/TH afternoons- FULLNew Hamburg519-662-2731
Woolwich Memorial Centre - T/TH mornings- FULLElmira519-743-9578 ext 110