Brené Brown once said stories are data with a soul. The children in our Get Ready for School™ program do make incredible gains in their skills, but it is their stories that touch our hearts.  We have stories of children gaining confidence and self-esteem. We have stories of children learning to speak English and preparing for school. We have stories of parents making friends and stories of volunteers making a lasting difference in the lives of young learners.

Every parent, child and volunteer is unique as is their experience in this program. Do you have a Get Ready for School story you wish to tell? Send us an e-mail at

Featured Stories

“Mommy and I took the bus today….”

When we moved to Canada (from Budapest) over 3 years ago, it was only supposed to be for a couple of years. Napsi was only 9 months old and at that time, I’d only ever conversed with her in Hungarian. However, after coming to Canada, I began talking to her in English, unaware of the consequences of switching the language would have.

Quick Learning

I have my preschooler registered for the Get Ready for School program and I want to THANK YOU for bring such a wonderful program to our neighbourhood. My son’s first steps in the world of learning are just amazing. The program is only 7-8 weeks in and he already knows so many amazing things like syllable clapping, big/small, same/different, phonics for 6 letters and much more.

The Same or Different

Through the Get Ready for School program, my son Nathan has learned to identify letters and sounds, and his vocabulary skills have improved tremendously! He is more independent when it comes to getting dressed and is even willing to 'clean up' after every activity at home.

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