Oliver participated in our Letters, Sounds and Words program a few years back and had a wonderful experience. His mother, Melanie Lee, generously shared his experiences with us in this original testimonial. We followed up with Melanie to see how Oliver is doing now with his reading. Here is the continuation of Oliver’s story. 

Oliver’s reading has continued to flourish. He can read chapter books now and his absolute favorite is Captain Underpants. He just finished his last reading level for the summer reading program at the library and can’t decide which book he wants to pick. The museums and kids play places we have visited this summer have been especially interesting for Oliver as he now reads the plaques and information blurbs that are beside the boats, dinosaurs and animals.  His learning and understanding of the world has grown exponentially because of this. 

I wanted to mention that I took the training last fall to become a Volunteer Coach and worked with 3 lovely young ladies in the Strong Start program throughout the year. This in itself was highly rewarding, but I also wonder if it made a difference in what I was able to accomplish at home with Oliver. We still use a lot of the Strong Start strategies at home to support his reading.