From Frustration to Opening a Passion for Reading


Reading has always been an important part of our nightly routine. As Easton started Grade 1, his world opened up to learning about how to read, instead of just hearing the books. His frustration grew, as his learning style was different. One day, I received a form from Easton’s class, asking if we were interested in signing him up for the Strong Start program. I was excited at the opportunity!


Learning the Whole Alphabet


I volunteered with the Strong Start program through Nipissing University in Brantford. I am in the concurrent education program for the junior/intermediate level and decided that Strong Start training would be good practice for my teaching career.


A Sense of Accomplishment


I have the privilege of being an instructor for the Get Ready for SchoolTM program at two of the Cambridge locations. After being home with my children for quite a while, I decided it was time to head back into the workforce. Strong Start is an incredible organization to work for that offers a wonderful work/life balance.


Once Upon a Time


When we began the Get Ready For School program, it was hard to imagine the end result. I have a very strong willed and rambunctious child who loves to be noisy and silly. I could hardly keep her still or quiet at home and wasn’t confident she would thrive in a controlled, quiet setting.


Staying Involved in my Daughter’s School and Her Life


When my one and only daughter started Junior Kindergarten, I actively tried to stay involved in her school. I spent one day a week volunteering in her classroom and was eager to become more involved. One day, her teacher sent home a form to attend Strong Start Volunteer Coach training and I am so glad she did.


Incredible Individuals Make Get Ready for School Possible


My daughter, Grace Pederson, participated in this program for the past 6 months at the Kinbridge location above Duncan Macintosh Arena in Cambridge and we could not be more thrilled with the program itself, as well as the staff who ran it. Without a doubt, this program has provided Grace with the fundamentals to be successful next year when she enters Junior Kindergarten.


Confidence and Improved Speech


In the six months that my son has been attending the Get Ready for School program, I have seen dramatic improvements in his speech. What I’m even more excited about is that other people are noticing too.


Video: Strong Start Helped my Daughter and Changed my Life

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My daughter showed significant improvements in her literacy skills because of the Letters, Sounds and Words program. I decided to volunteer my time in the program on the days I was off from work, and very quickly found that my volunteer position provided a greater sense of accomplishment than my career did at the time. This changed my life forever.