Strong Start® salutes and welcomes 1) the staff and students of St. Mark Catholic School, 2) Paul A. Bender, and 3) Ted Schlotzhauer and Joanne Mumford for their financial contributions.

  1. The staff and students of St. Marks Catholic School used part of the proceeds from their “School Spirit Day” to demonstrate how much they value the Strong Start® Project.
  2. Paul A. Bender, General Insurance Broker, upon hearing about the Letters, Sounds & Words Program, felt compelled to offer his support.
  3. Joanne Mumford, a Volunteer Coach at Northlake Woods Public School for the past two years, stated she had “the most awesome pleasure of working with eager children who have been enrolled in this outstanding program. To see the children learning, gaining confidence and having fun with all the wonderful, activities is truly amazing!” As a result of her wonderful experience Joanne and husband, Ted Schlotzhauer, have stepped forward as the latest sponsor of Northlake Woods.

Thank you St. Mark School, Paul Bender and Joanne Mumford and Ted Schlotzhauer for your support!