Since joining the Strong Start® staff Mieke Schroeder’s creativity, organizational abilities and energy have been an invaluable support. In addition to all her assistance, the Schroeder’s are also donors to the Strong Start® Charitable Foundation. Thank you Mieke and Bob for your latest contribution!

Strong Start® seems to be the type of project that, when people hear about it they want to be a part of it. Two years ago Denison Print was contracted to print some of the materials used in helping children acquire the skills needed to learn to read. Since that time Denison Print has been a significant donor and co-owner, Machelle Denison, has recently offered her help on the fundraising committee of the Strong Start® Charitable Foundation. Thank you Tony and Machelle for all your support!

The Lyle S, Hallman Foundation has been our strongest supporter from the beginning, contributing to the stable funding needed to build a community organization like Strong Start®. The Hallman Foundation focuses on prevention and early intervention and supports projects that address its mission to “inspire and grow individual and community potential”. The staff of Strong Start® feels honoured to have the trust of the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation that we will continue to provide an excellent program to help build a strong community. The Lyle S. Hallman Foundation’s values are based on a deep-rooted sense of responsibility to its community. It demonstrates this daily, going beyond financial assistance to active participation in stimulating change on many levels through its efforts to link organizations with each other and with information and to provide ongoing consultation. Thanks to everyone at the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation for your tremendous support!