The Strassburger family have built a successful company that started over 60 years ago. They supply the building trade with their beautiful quality windows and doors.  They build community by generously sharing the fruits of their success with their employees and many worthy charitable organizations in Waterloo Region. Strassburger Windows and Doors is a Legacy Builder with Strong Start and we thank them for the generous multi-year financial commitment they have made to our organization.  Thank you Strassburger Windows and Doors for recognizing that strong reading skills developed early in life, improve learning, give children confidence and build the best chance for future success.  Each year they make their gift to Strong Start in Honour of two schools in our region: MacKenzie King Public School , where the grandchildren of Robert Strassburger attend and St. Daniel Catholic Elementary School which serves the parish where the family of the late Dennis Strassburger are members.