We’re excited to announce a new partnership with the Retired Teachers of Ontario District 11 (Waterloo), who are working with us to help more children learn to read. Along with a financial gift, over the next 2 years, the group’s members will be providing Strong Start with a number of items in-kind including, crayons, Play-Doh, and stickers for use in our preschool program, Get Ready for SchoolTM. These gifts will be used in the celebration bags provided to families at the end of the program. We are more than appreciative of this support!

On October 20, 2016, our Executive Director, Machelle Denison, Director of Program, Inge Ford, and Development and Communications Officer, Christina Proctor attended the group’s fall luncheon, to share information on our programs, and our volunteer opportunities. We were also joined by Ken Silvester, whose late wife, Lynda Silvester, helped create our flagship Letters, Sounds and WordsTM program. We were truly heartened by the positive response we received, and thank each and every member for spending their careers educating and supporting our youngest citizens. We look forward to sharing even more news of this partnership in the future.

Above photo (from left to right): Inge Ford, Director of Program, Machelle Denison, Executive Director, Wayne Buchholtz, President RTO District 11, Christina Proctor, Development and Communications Officer, and Ken Silvester celebrate our 2-year partnership to help more young children learn to read.

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