The Strong Start® Foundation, the staffs of 122 schools and their 1,500 volunteers are greatly encouraged by donors who contribute yearly to sustain the Strong Start® program for each new group of children. Here are some recent examples.

Westvale School Council, for the third consecutive year, has demonstrated its support for Strong Start®. This Council obviously is one that believes that the whole community should be involved in supporting its children and is willing to take direct action to play its part in ensuring that Strong Start® is available to all schools.

Paul A. Bender Insurance Broker agrees with one of the guiding principles behind the Strong Start® literacy project (i.e.) that we need to ensure that all children in our community learn to read. He once again this year included Strong Start® on his personal list for charitable giving.

Joanne Mumford, a Volunteer Coach and Trainer with Strong Start®, and her husband Ted Schlotzhauer have, once again, made a significant contribution this year.  Their dedication to helping young learners is demonstrated in many ways and is truly inspiring.

Vernon Erb, founder and President of Erb Transport, is well known for his community building philanthropy.  He discovered Strong Start® last year and has sustained his support for another year; sending a message that he truly understands the wisdom of investing in the young child to ensure a strong community for everyone.

Now in its sixth year of operation, Strong Start® has a proven record of impressive results.  The Foundation is grateful to donors such as these who want the program to be sustained for the thousands of children yet to come. These donors are truly making a difference in the lives of many children and, in turn, building a strong community.