The Strong Start® literacy project has become a phenomenal success since its inception in 2001. Thousands of children have received help at a crucial stage in learning to read; thousands of volunteers have felt the joy of a meaningful and rewarding experience as a result of making a positive difference in a child’s life; parents have seen their child’s eyes dance with the realization that they can read; and Teachers are grateful for a valuable resource. All of this is made possible by the generosity of our community in its financial support of Strong Start®. Here are our donors for March.

Thank you to the School Councils of Silverheights P.S. in Cambridge (Hespeler) and Mackenzie King P.S. in Kitchener for, once again, demonstrating how much you value the efforts of your Volunteer Coaches and Teachers.

Thank you, also to Wayne Haves and Karl Wahl – two individual loyal donors who care about their community and understand the wisdom of investing in the young child.

Joanne Mumford, a Strong Start® Trainer and a member of our Fundraising Committee, and Mieke Schroeder, a Strong Start® Trainer and Program Co-ordinator are also caring supporters. Thank you Joanne and Mieke for your recent donations.