Change is in the air when it comes to gift-giving to celebrate happy occasions with loved ones. People are choosing to help improve the quality of life in their community and the world, with donations to charity in the name of the person for whom they would normally purchase a gift or an event to be celebrated. Recently, Amanda and Dave Garbe were married. Literacy is important to them so they chose to make a donation to Strong Start in honour of their wedding. Thank you Amanda and Dave for thinking of the young learners in your community.

At Christmas, members of the Murdoch and Silvester families celebrated in a similar way. Instead of buying gifts for each other, they gave to Strong Start to help ensure that all children learn to read. A very warm, heartfelt Thank You to Su Murdoch and Harry Laur of Barrie;Carolyn and Jim Hooper of Simcoe; Debbie Silvester and Lorne Silvester of Toronto for their thoughtfulness and generosity.