On March 22nd, 2012 Strong Start was the recipient of a $5,000.00 donation from the Kiwanis Club of Brantford. The cheque was presented to Lori Henderson, Strong Start Program Co-ordinator for Brant, Haldimand and Norfolk, by President Bob Johnson and Bob Ritchie, Chair of the Children Priority One Committee. This is the second year that the Kiwanis Club of Brantford has extended their significant sponsorship to support Strong Start in “making a difference in the life of a child”, earning them recognition as a Legacy Partner in the community.

The members of the Kiwanis Club of Brantford have elected to honour two local schools, Jean Vanier and Banbury Heights, with their generous donation. These Kiwanians have also chosen to personally embrace their goal of “changing the world, one child and one community at a time” by having members actively participate in the honoured schools as volunteers. For the Spring round of the Letters, Sounds and Words program, there will be eight Kiwanis volunteers directly involved in program implementation. In this way, members of the club have the opportunity to see first-hand the real difference that their financial contribution makes to support and enhance foundational reading skills for young children and truly appreciate the impact that the gifts of time and talent given by a caring adult can make in the life of a young learner.

Our thanks and appreciation to the members of the Kiwanis Club of Brantford for reaching out to children in our community to share the gift of literacy. We look forward to our continued partnership.