Nathan’s story in the Get Ready for SchoolTM program, as shared by his mother Irene.

Through the Get Ready for School program, my son Nathan has learned to identify letters and sounds, and his vocabulary skills have improved tremendously! He is more independent when it comes to getting dressed and is even willing to ‘clean up’ after every activity at home.

The way my son greets his sister every day after school with the “Hello song” they sing in the program is also priceless!

One morning, after getting dressed, Nathan asked me, “Mom, are my socks the same or are they different?” I looked at his socks and replied, “Your socks are the same.” Nathan said “No, mom, my socks are not the same, they are different. You see, one of them is inside out!” It was an amazing interaction.

Thank you to the program instructors for your dedication. I truly feel my son is ready for school.