Julia participated in the 2016 Get Ready for School program where she continued to fall in love with reading and learning. Julia’s mother, Angela Mick, shared this original testimonial with us, which spoke of her daughter gaining grit and curiosity. We followed up with Angela to see how Julia is enjoying school now.

Today, Julia is doing great. She just finished reading 100 books over the summer. She was very excited to complete her 100 book challenge and can’t wait to show her teachers. The transition to school was much easier because of the program. Julia likes writing and I can hear her sounding out the words as she writes. The spelling isn’t quite there yet, but phonetically, you can make out what she writes.

The program gave her a strong base to build from. Not only can she read the words, her comprehension is great too.  She accidentally missed a page and realized that the story wasn’t making sense and went back to figure it out. We love reading together!