Sean’s story was one of Strong Start’s first videos. He participated in our Letters, Sounds and Words program back in 2011. Over the 10-weeks, his skills, confidence and self-esteem grew. We followed up with his mother, Carolyn, recently who filled us in how school is going for Sean now. He stills dreams big and bright. 

Sean started Grade 7 this year! The thing he was most nervous about….his combination lock, not reading, math or science. It’s so great to see how he has not only managed, but succeeded with his reading. He has really learned to love it. On our way back home from Montreal this summer, he read a “thriller” novel (his favourite kind of story) and asked for the next in the series when we got home!

I had a moment the other day when I was watching Sean read, and remembering how he didn’t think he could do it way back when. I was thinking about how scary it must have been, but Sean is brave and proud. He’s looking forward to be a science teacher one day!

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Caroline and Sean