Story shared by parent, Vernessa Kulikov

I can’t say enough good things about Strong Start. What a wonderful program! As soon as my daughter began attending Strong Start as a three year old, she came home sounding out letters. Not long after that, I would find her with her nose buried in books, sounding out as many words as she could to herself. She has begun paying attention to words around her, such as on signs and cereal boxes and reading those words as well. My husband has even mentioned before that he used to find it difficult to understand her words.

Since starting Strong Start, her speech has become easier to understand. It has also given her valuable experience in the social skills area, providing her with more confidence and giving her practice in the area of conflict resolution and building friendships. I’ve already started telling others about this wonderful program. It’s too bad that we don’t have more of this so that more children can be provided with this opportunity each year.

Thank you Strong Start!