Story shared by mother, Randi St. Laurent

When we began the Get Ready For SchoolTM program, it was hard to imagine the end result. I have a very strong willed and rambunctious child who loves to be noisy and silly.  I could hardly keep her still or quiet at home and wasn’t confident she would thrive in a controlled, quiet setting.

As the weeks passed, I started to hear her sing new songs, talk about new friends, say her letter sounds and talk to me about the animal and human body information she had learned. My favorite thing she learned however was the structure of a story. We like to share made up stories at bed time, and one day she told a story that I knew was influenced by what she had learned in the program because it started with “Once upon and time” and then she kept saying “and next…. and next….. and next.”

I am confident she will have an excellent start in Kindergarten in the fall.  I appreciate all the time and effort from the staff.  Thank you very much.