Easton’s story in the Get Ready for SchoolTM program, as shared by his mother, Michelle Mann

In February 2014, I was struck with some hard luck as I had just been laid off from my job and now had to move. I decided to take some time off with my youngest son before he was to attend school that September. Thankfully, someone had recommended attending the local early years centre for various programs for adults while their children attended their own programs in different rooms. Given Easton’s age, he was able to attend the Get Ready for SchoolTM program while I attended a social group for parents. The program was fantastic!

The room was setup much like a standard Kindergarten classroom, with different play areas that helped introduce the children to this new environment. Their routine matched what they would experience at a school with mat time, stories, and even a healthy snack break. He was a bit shy at first, but after a few weeks he was excited to go to the program and was even more excited to show his big brother his “class” when he came with us. He made many new friends who will still even see today.

When September came, he was excited to go to school and had no reservations. His teacher remarked about his easy transition into Kindergarten and that he was more than ready for this new adventure.

The Get Ready for School program was an excellent tool to help my son ease into a new path of learning and routine. Thank you Strong Start!