Macgregor’s story, as shared by mother, Michelle Lea

I just wanted to share my experience with the Get Ready for SchoolTM program at Chicopee Centreville.

My son has always been quite a bit behind with his speech, even after having weekly speech therapy sessions. In the six months that my son has been attending the program, I have seen dramatic improvements in his speech. What I’m even more excited about is that other people are noticing too. I give 90% of the credit to the Strong Start program. The teachers there have boosted up his confidence and have given him the tools he needs to work through his speech issues. Not only that, his knowledge has been vastly expanded. He comes home and shares things with me that he’s learned at “school” that I never would have thought to teach him. I’m excited for him to start Junior Kindergarten next year as I know he has been given a head start with this program.