Story  by Ines, Volunteer Coach, Saginaw Public School

“The day I realized what an impact Strong Start® – Letters, Sounds and Words Program has on the lives of the children and the volunteers in the program was Week 5 or 6 of the Fall 2006 session. When I started with one particular child, his pre-assessment showed a recognition of two words ‘I’ and ‘a’. This particular week, it seemed as if a light bulb went on for him as I watched him attempt and conquer new word after new word – he read more than 25 words that day!

The impact on him was huge. He was developing a skill that would be with him for the rest of his life. The impact this had on me was incredible as well. I never realized that I could be so proud of a child that was not my own – a child, that I had, in fact, just come to know over the past few weeks.”