Summary of 2015 Results.

  • The 2015 program expanded from 8 to 12 sites within Waterloo Region.
  • In total, 240 children were enrolled in the 2015 program.
    • 218 Children completed the full program.
    • 71 Children did not speak English on a regular basis at home.
    • Over 23 different languages were spoken among all participants
    • The program is designed as a 44 class program, each 2hrs in duration. Children attended an average of 37 days.
  • Program Delivery Staff:
    • 29 Instructors, and 24 Volunteers.
    • Approximately 648 volunteer hours were given to deliver this program.

Literacy Growth

  • Letter Sounds: Letter-sound knowledge significantly improved from approximately 3 letters to 12 letters after program completion.
  • Phonological Awareness: Improved ability to hear the sound parts in words and to segment the sound parts in words.
  • Vocabulary Knowledge: Children knew more words, and on average their scores on a receptive vocabulary measure increase from the 58th percentile to the 70th percentile.
  • Children’s vocabulary improved faster than what would be expected from normal growth over a 5 month period

Feedback from Parents

Parents were very positive about the program instruction staff, the program activities, and the program materials. Many parents indicated that their child was better able to identify letter-sounds and was starting to read; better social skills and interacting with peers and adults; improved speech and communication; and feeling more confident about the school setting and being without a parent. All parent respondents said they would tell a friend about the program.