This page has been created with the goal of making the documents and resources you may need when implementing and delivering the Baby Connections® program, easily accessible to you at all times. The resources can be viewed online or be downloaded as needed. Each resource listed includes a short description about its contents and purpose.

Do you need support or resources that are not provided? Send us your suggestion or list your needs in an email addressed to


Promotional Posters (fillable)

These fillable posters have been designed for your use when promoting the program. There are two posters, one for the in-person Baby Connections program and one for the virtual Baby Connections @ Home program. They carry the Baby Connections branding and can be filled out and downloaded or printed.

*Please note: When printing the poster, only the filled in information within the boxes will print, and not the actual box frames. 



Program Administration & Data Collections Guide (available upon request)

This guide includes step by step instructions to the administrative requirements of program implementation. Please review this important document carefully and use it as a reference when delivering the Baby Connections program.  

This document includes important information on  

  • how to notify us you will be delivering a program 
  • how to order and/or return kits 
  • how to submit completed paper copies of parent surveys 
  • what participant and Facilitator data we need from you after each program 



Videos to Support Program Delivery & Feedback Completion

These videos have been created to support the Facilitators in welcoming families to the program and to facilitate a higher rate of the Parent Feedback & Program Evaluation Form completions.

  • Please use the “Welcome to the Program” video during your first session or alternately, if access to technology is a barrier, include the link with a reminder of the first session.
  • Please use the “Parent Feedback” video during your last session or alternately, if access to technology is a barrier, send the link to video after your second last session. 




Slides to Support Program Delivery 

These slides have been created to support the delivery of the program, by highlighting the language and early literacy strategies that are the focus of the program, while allowing for flexibility in resources used for modelling. One of the 9 slides provided is dedicated to sharing the importance of completing the parent survey (Parent Feedback and Program Evaluation Form). 

*Please note: The use of the slides is optional (and cannot replace the coaching component of the program). 


Parent Feedback & Program Evaluation Form (printable)

This printable copy of the parent survey can be printed to replace the blank paper copy that is included each Baby Connections Kit, should a family misplace theirs and request a new one.