What started as a simple tweet, quickly turned into something bigger, much bigger. #WRTalk, managed by Mallory Manchur, is a hashtag used every Wednesday evening by individuals in Waterloo Region to network with local businesses and other community members. While we were online to promote our volunteer opportunities, @wrtalk, @dolphinvp, @MalandCo_Mal, @ThreeKretans and @dolphinvp decided to throw a fundraiser in support of our early literacy programs. What a kind and generous idea!

The event ran the week of the Book of Mormon (Dec 9-Dec 14) at the Three Kretans restaurant. Each night from 6:45-7:45 restaurant patrons and community members alike could smash a plate in support of literacy. Raising a total of $780.00, we couldn’t be more grateful for the support. Thank you very much to all who came out to support this event and the #WRTalk team. Your gift will help young children in our community learn to read.