The Books For Kids Foundation, with its focus on putting books into the hands of children, approached Strong Start® recently with a proposal to work together on a few projects to promote literacy. We are currently enjoying that wonderful stage of dreaming about possibilities of what we can do together to achieve that objective.

For our first project Books For Kids Foundation will make a small donation of books to each school at the end of each 10-week session of Strong Start® to honour the children who completed the program and the contribution of their Volunteer Coaches. Since there will be over 100 schools in the program next year and the program runs twice each school year, this donation from Books For Kids Foundation is an impressive commitment from this Foundation to support many learners through Strong Start®, in a way that goes beyond Strong Start® to many other children in a school. Also since Strong Start® is not limited to working exclusively in schools, it is hard to know just how far reaching our projects may be in the future.

We all know that together everyone can achieve more. Strong Start® is fortunate to have opportunities to work with other organizations such as Books For Kids Foundation that share the same goals and values.