Books are pretty magical. They can transport us to faraway places, they can introduce us to new ways of thinking and living, and they can be “mirrors” to help us better understand our own experiences. We’ve all been moved by a powerful story, and take lessons from each and every book we read. For children in particular, books can be a useful tool in helping them understand important topics, giving complex ideas age appropriate context. Books can be used to teach children about the world we live in, and how they can bring kindness into our world.

It’s incredibly important that we help our children develop empathy and understanding of the lives others live. Stories allow us to walk a mile in another person’s shoes, as we connect with memorable characters and experience the emotions they feel. This year, Strong Start was invited to be one of 12 individuals to participate in 12 Days 4 Good, as championed by House of Friendship. The goal of this event is to pledge to do 12 consecutive days of good deeds in December from the 8th to the 19th. The themes behind this year’s 12 Days 4 Good provide a perfect opportunity to talk with your child about these important life lessons. From teaching compassion and inclusion, to hope and opportunity, there is a story out there that can support you and your little one.

As our way of giving back, our team has collected some of the best picture and story books to help you start a conversation with your child on these powerful topics. Every day, we will be posting our top story pick on our blog, along with a small act of kindness you and your family can do to benefit the community. By getting involved, your child will learn they can make a difference, and that their actions do matter. Together, through stories, we will inspire the next generation of community leaders, giving them the tools they need to do-good.

We invite you and your family to follow along by visiting our News tab everyday after 8 am for a new post, and take the official pledge by signing up on the 12 Days 4 Good website.