Share the Gift of Justice

Stand up for yourself and for others, take turns, and be responsible.

Book Recommendations

Child aged 0 to 4 Book: Boss No More by Estelle Meens

In this book, a young boy named Lucas bosses everyone around. Eventually, his friends have had enough! For Lucas, his actions have unforeseen consequences. A story with a modern moral of: you reap what you sow.

Find this book in your local library: Kitchener

Child aged 4 to 8 Book: If You Could Wear My Sneakers by Sheree Fitch and Darcia Labrosse, in Association with Unicef

An award-winning book about children’s rights. Written in simple language, in an engaging way that children love. A unique, and fun take on the saying: “walk a mile in my shoes”.

Find this book at your local library: Cambridge, Kitchener, Region of Waterloo

Family Activities

  • Play a board game to practice rules and fairness.
  • Dance to 10 songs and take turns choosing the song.
  • Help someone who is being bullied.
  • Apologize to someone you may have hurt.

Thank you for doing good! Tomorrow’s theme is dignity.