Brené Brown once said stories are data with a soul. The children in our Letters, Sounds and Words™ program do make incredible gains in their literacy skills, but it is their stories that touch our hearts.  We have stories of children gaining confidence and self-esteem. We have stories of children making incredible gains in their early literacy skills. We have stories of volunteers seeing first-hand their impact on the children they work with. We have stories of community members truly making a difference in the life of a child.

Every parent, child and volunteer is unique, as is their experience in this program. Do you have a Letters, Sounds and Words story you wish to tell? Send us an e-mail at

Featured Stories


From Frustration to Opening a Passion for Reading

Reading has always been an important part of our nightly routine. As Easton started Grade 1, his world opened up to learning about how to read, instead of just hearing the books. His frustration grew, as his learning style was different. One day, I received a form from Easton’s class, asking if we were interested in signing him up for the Strong Start program. I was excited at the opportunity!


Learning the Whole Alphabet

I volunteered with the Strong Start program through Nipissing University in Brantford. I am in the concurrent education program for the junior/intermediate level and decided that Strong Start training would be good practice for my teaching career.


Staying Involved in my Daughter's School and Her Life

When my one and only daughter started Junior Kindergarten, I actively tried to stay involved in her school. I spent one day a week volunteering in her classroom and was eager to become more involved. One day, her teacher sent home a form to attend Strong Start Volunteer Coach training and I am so glad she did.


Laughing, Playing, and Laughing Some More

I’ve had the opportunity to work with 6 children in Strong Start’s Letters, Sounds and Words program at Jean Vanier Catholic School, and I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s just so much fun getting to know each child and figuring out their learning style. Each and every one is different and the games in the program reflect these differences. We laugh, we play, and we laugh some more. I just can’t say enough good things about this program.

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