Brené Brown once said stories are data with a soul. The children in our Get Ready for School™ program do make incredible gains in their skills, but it is their stories that touch our hearts.  We have stories of children gaining confidence and self-esteem. We have stories of children learning to speak English and preparing for school. We have stories of parents making friends and stories of volunteers making a lasting difference in the lives of young learners.

Every parent, child and volunteer is unique as is their experience in this program. Do you have a Get Ready for School story you wish to tell? Send us an e-mail at

Featured Stories


A Sense of Accomplishment

I have the privilege of being an instructor for the Get Ready for SchoolTM program at two of the Cambridge locations. After being home with my children for quite a while, I decided it was time to head back into the workforce. Strong Start is an incredible organization to work for that offers a wonderful work/life balance.


Once Upon a Time

When we began the Get Ready For School program, it was hard to imagine the end result. I have a very strong willed and rambunctious child who loves to be noisy and silly. I could hardly keep her still or quiet at home and wasn’t confident she would thrive in a controlled, quiet setting.


Incredible Individuals Make Get Ready for School Possible

My daughter, Grace Pederson, participated in this program for the past 6 months at the Kinbridge location above Duncan Macintosh Arena in Cambridge and we could not be more thrilled with the program itself, as well as the staff who ran it. Without a doubt, this program has provided Grace with the fundamentals to be successful next year when she enters Junior Kindergarten.

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