Brené Brown once said stories are data with a soul. The children in our Get Ready for School™ program do make incredible gains in their skills, but it is their stories that touch our hearts.  We have stories of children gaining confidence and self-esteem. We have stories of children learning to speak English and preparing for school. We have stories of parents making friends and stories of volunteers making a lasting difference in the lives of young learners.

Every parent, child and volunteer is unique as is their experience in this program. Do you have a Get Ready for School story you wish to tell? Send us an e-mail at

Featured Stories


Story Update: Once Upon a Time

Our Get Ready for School program helps children get comfortable in a learning environment. They practise routines. They make friends. They read stories. Randi St. Laurent shared her daughter's experience in the program in this original testimonial. We followed up this summer to see how they are doing now.


Story Update: Teaching a Love of Reading and Learning – Julia’s Story

Julia participated in the 2016 Get Ready for School program where she continued to fall in love with reading and learning. Today, Julia is doing great. She just finished reading 100 books over the summer. She was very excited to complete her 100 book challenge and can't wait to show her teachers.


Video: A Tale of Two Sisters

This is the tale of two sisters preparing for school in the Get Ready for School program. Chloe thrived in the program and was always excited to go. She made friends and connections with the teachers. Our other daughter, Georgia, is now in the Get Ready for SchoolTM program at Centerville Chicopee in Kitchener. She is also thriving. Georgia is clapping syllables, saying sounds, and reading books.

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