It takes a village to raise a child and with the generous support of thousands of caring volunteers and champions, we are having a tremendous impact. Whether in our school-based Letters, Sounds and Words™ program or our community-centre based Get Ready for School program, children are gaining the skills they need to be happy, healthy, and confident learners.

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Story Update: Bigger Dreams and a Brighter Future - Sean's Story

Sean's story was one of Strong Start's first videos. He participated in our Letters, Sounds and Words program back in 2011. Over the 10-weeks, his skills, confidence and self-esteem grew. We followed up with his mother, Carolyn, recently who filled us in how school is going for Sean now. He stills dreams big and bright.


Story Update: Teaching a Love of Reading and Learning – Julia’s Story

Julia participated in the 2016 Get Ready for School program where she continued to fall in love with reading and learning. Today, Julia is doing great. She just finished reading 100 books over the summer. She was very excited to complete her 100 book challenge and can't wait to show her teachers.

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Story Update: His Breakthrough Moment - Oliver's Story

Oliver participated in our Letters, Sounds and Words program a few years back and had a wonderful experience. We followed up with his mother, Melanie Lee to see how Oliver is doing with his reading now and how school is going. Here is the continuation of Oliver's story.


Video: A Tale of Two Sisters

This is the tale of two sisters preparing for school in the Get Ready for School program. Chloe thrived in the program and was always excited to go. She made friends and connections with the teachers. Our other daughter, Georgia, is now in the Get Ready for SchoolTM program at Centerville Chicopee in Kitchener. She is also thriving. Georgia is clapping syllables, saying sounds, and reading books.

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